Dr Samantha Harris poses in front of an ultrasounds machine while smiling at the camera.Rusty Seymour 245 1 Master-w screen dropped inGMP DigitalCommercial photography of an auto repairman standing in front of a fleet of Capital Express Line Big RigsPortrait of a unicyclist riding with his arms out in the middle of a country road with grass along the sides and clouds in the skyEnvironmental portrait of a UC Davis Surgeon in a hospital room posing with his equipment.GMP DigitalSDS-Jessa-0027SDS-Monica-0212MBD2-1938-EditedMBD Web Portraits1535-EditedMBD2-1571-with editsJulia McGinnis for Black Enterprise Magazine 1BlackJack-066 LARGE SIZE v9UCD_Mondavi_Wall_Dancer049-NEW -MASTER 170331