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Sacramento Commercial Photographer 

As a Sacramento commercial photographer I love to photograph my clients in environmental portrait situations. I strive to create images that have meaning and depth and tell a story.  I am a visual storyteller and it is the goal of every shoot to complete a portrait that is well lit and well posed, in a great composition, that speaks to my client and tells the story that they want to portray. To read more about Gerry click Here. To read more about why I do what I do click Here.



What's New at Gerry McIntyre Photography

We will be doing a running blog in the coming weeks introducing a new "Tip for your Portrait" every week, highlighting a new item from my updated flyer designed to help my clients prepare for their professional portrait session. Please check out this weeks new tip and stay tuned! 

Tip # 8



Studio Portrait of Gerry McIntyre on a blue gradient background at The GMP studio in Downtown Sacramento.Tips for Your Portrait - Tip # 1How to prepare for your professional portrait session for business headshots.



Professional Photography Services

Environmental portrait of a police officer leaning against his squad car smiling at the camera in Salinas. Commercial photography of a man in his environment. Professional Business Headshot of a police officer in his element. Professional Portrait of an officer in his element in Salina.



Portraits in your Environment

These sessions are less structured and more about who my client is and what they do. I also like to call these images "People at work."  I love these unique heads shots because they allow me more freedom to get to know my client and show them in their own environment. Click Here to see more of my environmental portraits. 

Professional business headshot of an executive casually posing in his office while smiling at the camera. Business Headshot in Sacramento Professional business portrait of an executive in his workplace.







Business Headshots

In a professional head shot session, we will often be at my studio in Downtown Sacramento, but I also am available to bring my studio to the client at their location. A lot of my subjects for these portraits are busy executives and they do not always have time to come out to the studio. A business headshot can be environmental like the one here or have a more structured look by using one of the many backdrops I have available. To see more examples of my business portraits click Here

Food photography of a pastry on a plate with whipped cream and strawberries. Sacramento food photographyPhotography of a tasty dessert taken in Sacramento.








Studio Photography

Along with portrait photography I also utilize my studio for food photography as well as product photography. I have a 4,000 sq ft studio in Downtown Sacramento to play with and a kitchen area to help when photographing food. Check out some of my food photography Here and some of my product work Here.






Green Screen Photography

One thing that sets me apart from other commercial photographers in Sacramento, is my use of green screen in a lot of my corporate sessions. As I mentioned, a lot of times it is hard to get 6 executives in a room at the same time. I have found that with green screen I can offer my clients a way around this issue without having to cut corners or rush to get a shot. I can make sure each individual looks great and that we wind up with a crisp and high quality image. Green screen has a lot of great uses. To see more examples please click Here to visit my branding page. Also this can be a new concept to many. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me



Medical Vision Technology executives posed together smiling at the camera in suits and ties. Group Portrait of Medical Vision TechnologyThis group portrait was shot on green screen and then composited into one image. This technique saves time and makes our clients lives easier.



If you have any questions please feel free to Visit our FAQ page or Contact Me and I would be happy to discuss your needs.