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I'm Gerry. I started directing and shooting dynamic photos when I was 12 year old. I would arrange the neighborhood kids in human pyramids and document the scene with a Polaroid Swinger. I have now been a photographer for over 30 years, and I have developed very high standards for myself. I utilize my 4000sq ft studio, my high end lighting gear, and my knack for making my clients feel at ease, to produce images that I am proud to deliver. I am able to shoot at my Downtown Studio, in Natural light, or on Location. I am very versatile and have shot many food and product jobs, but portraits are what most excites me.  

I enjoy capturing people doing the things that they excel at and love, creating portraits that are engaging and interactive. In our digital world, it is essential that people feel like they are meeting you when they see your photo. 

That's why I love doing environmental portraits, where people are at ease in their home and professional environment. I have shot doctors in their research and exam rooms, lawyers in their offices, and financial experts in the midst of crunching numbers. 

Whether you are at the office, in the operating room, or at my studio in Downtown Sacramento, I'll make sure you have a photo you want to greet the world with. 

In my personal time, I have enjoyed the challenge and the peace that bird photography brings. There is always a new unknown bird to be found while out for hikes along the American River Parkway. If you would like to see more of my birds please click here


I have also given a lot of my time to The Boy Scouts of America. My son is an Eagle Scout and the troop has continued to be a big part of our lives. I also do Eagle Scout Portraits which I shoot on Green Screen. I have enjoyed being able to capture such a proud moment for these boys.