Here are some questions that are frequently asked by my clients. I am, of course, happy to help answer any questions you have for me personally as well. Feel free to call me at 916-640-8888 or my mobile number at 916 600-5744, or send in a contact form Here. You can also email me at "Gerry at GMP2 dot com" all one word with appropriate @ symbol and dot.


Where are you located and where will you travel?

I live and work in Sacramento California. The GMP studio is located in downtown Sacramento on D and 12th. I do a lot of work here at the studio but I often pack up and hit the road to shoot on location all over for my clients, whether that be 5 minutes from the studio or 500 miles. 

Gerry McIntyre Photography - Google Maps

How would you describe your photography style?

I would describe my style as a corporate clean look, my shoots are often "interactive," the client gets to see what I am doing and react to it. That can change my direction, or lead to you changing your outfit, your tie or hair. I really try to convey a story within every portrait I create. I change to the best lighting for your face. I do a lot of executive portraiture for corporate clients. I enjoy taking these simple portraits and making them pop.

Business headshot of a female professional in a blue top smiling at the camera in front of a gold background.Professional business portraits of Delia EstradaProfessional business portraits at the GMP studio in Downtown Sacramento on a gold background.

I also love shooting environmental portraits, this is where I have you posing in your natural element. I find when I photograph you in your environment, it is easier for you to show who you really are, you feel comfortable and natural and put your best face forward. If you want to know more about my style and why I have chosen this field, check out my blog Why I do what I do



I hate getting my picture taken. Is this going to be painful?

No, this will be easy, I understand, I don't like to be in front of the camera either, you or your boss is sending you here because your company needs your picture. A few have said they would rather go to the dentist and get a root canal than have their picture taken. I PROMISE you that everything is going to be okay! I have been working with people's fear and phobia's for years, it's going to be OK, you will walk out feeling great about yourself and about your portrait. I know how to work with you, light you, pose you, and I know how to make it fun! Just relax and let me help you show off your best self.


How long have you been a photographer?

I picked up a camera for the first time at a very young age and have been shooting professionally for over 30 years. If you want to know more about me, go check out my bio - HERE


What is green screen and how can it help me and my business?

When you think of green screen you probably think more of special effects for movies and less of professional executives portraits. Green screen is actually a very powerful tool that I use often at the studio and on location. Utilizing a green screen background during a portrait session gives my clients the kind of flexibility that most photographers just can't or don't offer. If you want to see some examples of the different things that green screen can do. Check out our Branding Page


What Equipment do you use?

I'll start this answer by saying it's not about the equipment, and then add the right tool for the job is always the way to go. I am often updating my equipment as new and exciting tools become available. I work with several cameras and I have just about every lens you could need for shooting very wide angles to photographing birds that are a football field away. I enjoy working with lighting gear and trying different looks and effects. My crew says I am the Macgyver of photography because not only do I love to buy new equipment, I also love to make my own. I am passionate about my job and to do the best job for my clients. Sometimes what is out there on the market just isn't quite what I need so I make something that is. Equipment doesn't make the photographer but having high end gear sure makes it easier to focus on making my clients feel at ease and getting the best out of them. 


Why should I go with a professional photographer?

Everyone has a camera on their phone now and I know we are all so used to just snapping away images of ourselves all day.  A lot of these phones even take pretty decent pictures. This is great for the selfie you want to snap with your friends for your Facebook post, but certainly not how you put your best foot forward in a corporate environment. You want to show yourself as someone who is valuable and worthy of that new client or that big job opportunity. When you present yourself with a crisp, high quality portrait. It conveys that you value yourself and that you are most likely high quality as well. 

Professional Business Headshot of David SchauerProfessional Business Headshot of David SchauerProfessional Business Portrait in Sacramento of David in his office building.

What should I wear to my portrait session?

The most important thing to remember when you come in for your portrait is that you have to feel good in what you wear. I always recommend overdressing just a little and it never hurts to bring some options. Click below to read a more detailed list to prepare you before you come in. 

Tips sheet to prepare clients for their upcoming portrait session Tips for your portrait


What about makeup?

We work with several outstanding makeup artists and I can not say enough about how much I appreciate what they bring to a photo shoot. They can provide advice before hand with wardrobe, hair, and what to do in the morning before you are going to have a makeup artist work with you. Below is a before and after of a makeup session where during our first photo shoot without a makeup artist we stopped and talked about what was and wasn't working and how much better it would be after a makeup artist consult and having her on set for the next shoot.

Makeup before and after sampleMakeup before and after sample