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My relationship with GMP started with a phone call for a school assignment. I had to call a photographer and ask them about their pricing. After searching the internet, I discovered GMP and decided I liked what I saw on Gerry's site. I called him up, and we got to talking about photography and business. Next thing I know I am coming into the Studio as an intern. 

I am a natural light photographer only a few years into the game, so walking into GMP was overwhelming. Gerry has high end lighting, amazing equipment, and all kinds of toys that I was itching to learn how to use! Luckily for me Gerry is an awesome teacher and my place at GMP just seemed to click. I love coming to work and time has gone by quickly since that first day. My internship quickly turned into a job and I'd like to think I now have as much to offer GMP as it offers me. I am a bit of a jack of all trades here at the studio. I help manage our studio time, handle administrative tasks, assist on shoots, post process, and I am ready to pick up a camera when I am needed. 

A few things about me outside of GMP: 

​I love photography! I love my husband and my little girl! I love meditation, gratitude, and positive energy! I am a hippy at heart and always try to see the world at it's best. 

GMP came into my life out of no where and I am so happy it did. Scotty and Gerry are amazing and it feels really good to apart of such a great team.