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Mark Jansen in Orchard_A7A1108-PSBO-Profession environmental portrait of police chief  in Salinas looking into camera smiling.On-location photography of new teacher at Pomona College at vineyard looking into camera smiling.Julia McGinnis for Black Enterprise Magazine 1Greg Stuck 185 with Capital 2100x1400pxMBD Web Portraits1535-EditedSDS-Monica-0212SDS-Jessa-0027Commercial photography of an auto repairman standing in front of a fleet of Capital Express Line Big RigsEnvironmental portrait of a UC Davis Surgeon in a hospital room posing with his equipment.SL-Rose-at Federal Courthouse in Sacramento-026WIP 3-Oct26-2017On-location head shot in front of Sacramento Bridge.MBD2-1571-with editsDr Samantha Harris poses in front of an ultrasounds machine while smiling at the camera.Rusty Seymour 245 1 Master-w screen dropped inGMP DigitalMedical personal looking into camera smiling wearing a white coat.