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1952_May_Dolen&Eileen McIntyre Family Wedding 3_0001_a1952_May_McIntyre Family Wedding 3_0002_aDolen & Eileen McIntyre in car after Wedding 3_0003_aMcIntyre Family Phil, Mom and DadEileen & Dolen McIntyre Wedding_0002_aEileen & Dolen McIntyre Wedding_0005_aEileen & Dolen McIntyre Wedding_0001_aEileen & Dolen McIntyre Wedding_0004_aEileen & Dolen McIntyre Wedding_0003_aCrop of Dolen & Eileen McIntyre Wedding alterMcIntyre 6 kids portrait 1965?1966_Spring_McIntyre Family Group shot_0001_a copy1952_Dolen & Eileen out clubing