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I'm Scotty and I want to start off by saying thank you so much for spending the time to get to know us here at GMP. My passion in photography only started about 7 years ago when I took my first film class at the local community college, after that I was hooked and wanted to do nothing more than take pictures. Unfortunately, due to enlisting in the United States Air Force that passion had to take a back seat. When I returned from deployment I dove back in, head over heels into photography once again and haven't looked back. 


I received my Associates of Art in photography at Cosumnes River College and am currently enrolled at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco pursuing my Bachelors of Fine Arts. When I'm not spending as much time as I can here at the studio I work in a local emergency room as an ER Technician and have for the last 16 years. 


My love for photography and light has grown tremendously over the past few years and I do not see the fire dwindling any time soon. I love to manipulate light in ways never thought possible as well as bring out the absolute best in people, especially those that hate their picture taken.


I will shoot anything from people to products and everything in between. I have also started to play with video and have found a secondary passion for sure! 


I love being a part of this team; the enthusiasm and care to make every image its possible best is absolutely contagious. I started working with Gerry in 2015 and he has become the best mentor I could ever have!